The world's fastest key value store
is now in the cloud.

Powering the world's most advanced and fastest feature store; Hopsworks

RonDB as a managed version provides advanced technology with a user friendly interface. You can launch a cluster in less than a minute.

Scales to hundreds of million of operations per second.
There are no other existing managed databases available today that can do this.


Scales linearly with mores CPUs on a single host and/or scale-out by adding new data nodes.

Battle tested

An open-source distribution of NDB Cluster by Mikael Ronström, the inventor of NDB Cluster.


Throughput of up to hundreds of millions of read or write ops/seconds and <1ms latency for individual operations.

SQL Support

Access using the MySQL Server API for full compatibility with SQL. Native support for parallelizing queries.

LATS diagram

The first LATS database
in the cloud.

RonDB has dedicated support for features required for a high performance online feature store, including LATS: low Latency, high Availability, high Throughput, scalable Storage. RonDB is built with online feature stores in mind providing key capabilities that are unmatched.

< 1ms KV lookup
>10M KV Lookups/sec
>99.999% availability

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