Latest LTS stable release of RonDB.

RonDB 21.04.9

BlogRelease Notes

RonDB 21.04 is based on MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0.23. It is a bug fix release based on RonDB 21.04.8. It adds a few new features that was required since RonDB 21.04.9 is released together with Hopsworks 3.1, a feature store for Machine Learning applications.


Below you can find stable and beta releases of RonDB. Please note that the beta releases are still undergoing final tuning and testing before their official release and are provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty.

We also highly suggest to always use the latest version of RonDB unless otherwise specified.

Stable release

RonDB 22.10.0

BlogRelease Notes

RonDB 22.10 is a new Long-Term support version and will be maintained at least until 2025.


Beta release

There are currently no Beta releases.
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