The open source distribution of NDB Cluster, by the inventor of NDB Cluster.
The fastest Key-Value Store in the cloud.

RonDB provides developers with highly scalable real-time applications, enabling them to develop traditional SQL applications and scalable storage solutions for AI applications that are integrated with SPARK and Kafka. Key-value stores are useful for processing a constant stream of read/write operations with low latency.

RonDB also provides parallel SQL capabilities in addition to the key-value stores capabilities. Key-values store speed is evaluated based on high availability, high throughput, and low latency.

RonDB provides Class 6 Availability, meaning its system is operational 99.9999% of the time, thus no more than 30 seconds of downtime per year. This ensures that RonDB is always available. 

RonDB is the only data structure available in the market that meets all three requirements.